Glenn Hughes to work on new solo record in 2024

Author Flavia Andrade - 30.10.2023

Glenn Hughes has revealed his plans to write and record new music. The news came in a recent interview to Brazilian music journalist Igor Miranda.

In Hughes’ words:

I am preparing to go in the studio next year, sometime in the summer. I’m preparing the songs in the next couple of months. I have a few ideas, and when I go in the studio, I’ll be ready to go.

He was then asked about his last album, 2016’s “Resonate”, and replied:

I love the album. It’s one of my favorite albums. I think a lot of people across the world, the rock fans love that album. I was at home writing that album and I went to Copenhagen and I had a really great time making that album. And the next one hopefully will be as strong.

Hughes is about to start a Brazilian tour in November, and his solo band features Søren Andersen (guitar), Ash Sheehan (drums) and Bob Fridzema (keyboards).

You can watch the original interview below: