Fuming Mouth debuts new single ‘Daylight Again’ ahead of upcoming tour

Author Benedetta Baldin - 2.5.2024

Acclaimed New England death metal band Fuming Mouth has released a new single, ‘Daylight Again,’ in anticipation for their upcoming US Tour with August Burns Red and festival performances at Welcome To Rockville and Sonic Temple.

The furious new death-sludge track was produced with Kurt Ballou (Full Of Hell, Code Orange, Nails) at GodCity Studios during the band’s “Last Day of Sun” recording session and is part of the critically acclaimed record’s concept of perseverance, survival and resurrection inspired by vocalist/guitarist Mark Whelan’s battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The single features artwork by sci-fi/fantasy legend Bruce Pennington and is accompanied by the b-side track ‘Timeless,’ an alternate version of ‘Out of Time’ from “Last Day of Sun”.

Commenting on the new track, Whelan says:

‘Daylight Again’ expresses that the future is bright. It got so dark for the band behind the scenes. We had so many friends die, so many issues. It felt like it would never end. The song was supposed to be the final track on our album Last Day of Sun but it didn’t fit on the vinyl so we threw it in the vault. It feels appropriate that a song called “Daylight Again” finally gets to see the light of day.

Stream ‘Daylight Again’:

Overcoming cancer in 2022, Whelan and crew rebounded in late 2023 with “Last Day of Sun”, setting a new pace for death metal in the process. Featuring the raw, brutal tracks ‘The Silence Beyond Life,’ ‘I’ll Find You’ and ‘Kill The Disease’ the record unravels with cataclysmic riffs and dire, ferocious vocals that take fans on a tumultuous journey through the arduous process of suffering and healing.

Purchase/Stream “Last Day of Sun”: https://fumingmouth.bfan.link/ldos

Fuming Mouth is currently touring in support of “Last Day of Sun”, and will hit the road for headlining dates, festival appearances and shows with August Burns Red in May. Tickets are available now at https://fumingmouth.com/pages/tour.

FUMING MOUTH North American Tour Dates:

May 7 – Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506

May 8 – Savannah, GA – El-Rocko Lounge

May 9 – Daytona Beach, FL – Welcome To Rockville

May 10 – Birmingham, AL – Iron City*

May 11 – Dothan, AL – The Plant*

May 13 – Columbia, SC – The Senate*

May 14 – Lexington, KY – Manchester Music Hall*

May 15 – Chattanooga, TN – The Signal*

May 16 – Indianapolis, IN – Hoosier Dome*

May 17 – Columbus, OH – Sonic Temple Festival

May 18 – Pittsburgh, PA – Smiling Moose

May 19 – Mechanicsburg, PA – Lovedraft’s Brewing Co

May 20 – Syracuse, NY – The Song & Dance

May 21 – Hartford, CT – The Webster

June 1 – Colorado Springs, CO – Olympic City Dissonance Fest @ Monument Valley Park

June 15 – Boston, MA – Storm Fest @ Big Night Live

*w/ August Burns Red

A fiery, resurrected rage barrels its way out of hell’s erupting chasms with blistering fury; Fuming Mouth has returned. Lead singer, guitarist, and founder Mark Whelan emerges triumphant after a life-threatening battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, rekindling the inferno of their music with Fuming Mouth‘s second full-length album, “Last Day of Sun”.

What initially began as a full-on, fictional concept album underwent a profound transformation into a concept-reality hybrid, largely influenced by Whelan’s harrowing conflict with his health and a near brush with death. Just three weeks away from recording the album, Whelan was struck with a devastating cancer diagnosis. While bravely fighting the illness, he rewrote melodies, drum sections, and lyrics, infusing the music with his personal journey of struggle and hope.

The recording sessions began in October 2022, with Grammy Award-winning Kurt Ballou of Converge at his studio, God City, in Salem, Massachusetts. Ballou reached out to Whelan after his battle with cancer and encouraged him to get back to their previously scheduled recording session. Working closely with Ballou in both engineering and production, the band found a wonderful and collaborative experience, as Ballou invested himself wholeheartedly in shaping their sound and vision. Salem itself also helped shape the album, as the Halloween Season had begun. Droves of tourists and residents mixing with people in costume made the streets of Salem seem like “Last Day of Sun” had come to life. The city where the Witch Trials took place presented the perfect setting for the album to be recorded.

At the genesis of this record, there was no other artist that could have captured the album’s essence better than Mariusz Lewandowski, with whom the band had already established a creative relationship through his work on the cover art of “The Grand Descent”. Tragically, Mariusz passed away while working on the album artwork, presenting the band with an immense obstacle to overcome. In tribute to his spirit and legacy, they joined forces with the talented artist Stefan Todorovic who crafted an evocative album cover depicting a Faustian city crumbling amidst the grey and sandy storms of the apocalypse. A colossal monster blocks the sun and hovers above the city as it burns, smoky buildings topple to the ground; all a visual representation of the chaos and darkness that permeates the album.

In the end, Fuming Mouth stands resilient, a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Amidst the carnage and depression lies a flicker of hope – a beacon of light that emanates from within.

Fuming Mouth is:
Mark Whelan – Guitar, Vocals
Keith Goldoni – Drums
Pat Merson – Bass