Frozen Crown to release new album on 10th March 2023

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 26.11.2022

Finally, we have details. Italian power metal band Frozen Crown will release their fourth studio album, “Call of The North”, on 10 March 2023, via Scarlet Records.

On their official social media, the band declares:

This fourth album is going to sound 100% Frozen Crown, melding together elements from our previous three albums, and purposely featuring no guest appearances, to consolidate the band sound while bringing at the same time unseen features (like acoustic ballads and epic choirs) on the table.Be ready for memorable refrains, heavy downtuned guitar riffs, intricate symphonic parts, and a tense and epic battlefield atmosphere.

– Frozen Crown

Here’s the complete tracklist, as already shared:

  • Call of the North
  • Fire in the Sky
  • Black Heart
  • Victorious
  • In a Moment
  • Legion
  • Until the End
  • Now or Never
  • One for All
  • Far Away