Frontierer releases a powerful new song from their upcoming album “Oxidized”

Author Teemu Hakala - 8.8.2021

Scottish powerhouse technical metallers Frontierer have released a new song from their upcoming album “Oxidized”. Their third studio release will hit the stores on October 1st. You can listen to the new song “Glacial Plasma” below.

The album also features Ion Dissonance vocalist Kevin McCaughey and Will Haven vocalist Grady Avenell.

Frontierer - Oxidized
  1. Heirloom
  2. Corrosive Wash
  3. Opaque Horizon
  4. Death/
  5. Disintegrative
  6. This Magnetic Drift
  7. LK WX
  8. Southern Hemorrhage
  10. Stereopticon
  11. Removal Of The Copper Iris And The Lightning Pill
  12. Motherboard
  13. Daydark
  14. Glacial Plasma
  15. The Damage And The Sift
  16. /Hope