From Cookie Monster to shiny rings – Fun and crazy Valentine’s Day gifts from EMP

Author Samuel Järvinen - 14.2.2024

February is the month of love, and Wednesday is Valentine’s Day. In Finland, this day can be seen as both a celebration of lovers and a celebration of mutual appreciation between friends. No matter how you spend the day, there is no denying its importance.

One of the essential parts of Valentine’s Day for metalheads is love metal, and the number one band is of course the Finnish band HIM, so it’s worth putting on the world-famous metal of Ville Valo and co, especially if you’ve got wrinkles in your love life or are suffering from heartbreak. If you don’t want to stream, head over to EMP and pick up some HIM albums and other merchandise. And don’t forget the solo project of gothic romantic master Ville Valo, whose products can be found here.

However, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the month of love with your partner, one handy way to show you belong together is with matching band shirts and clothes. In the spirit of Neue Deutsche Härte, a couple in love with each other can, for example, buy the ever-so-romantic Rammstein accessories. Shirts, bracelets, jewellery and even bikinis are sure to bring a dose of sweat, fire and iron to the day. Metallica’s Grammy win should also be commemorated by picking up some of the band’s latest merchandise on EMP’s website. This way, you’ll not only show your love for Metallica, but also your own congruent taste.

And not everything always has to be so serious. On EMP’s website, you’ll find products such as Cookie Monster, Harley Quinn and the Joker themed outfits for the suitably wacky couple, and rainbow outfits for those who openly profess a different kind of love. The most romantic metalhead might even go for this ring, promising endless love.

Metalheads’ activities for Valentine’s Day are, of course, concerts. You can show your love to your favourite bands, but we recommend finding a local band’s gig and going to show your love to future metal favorites. If you want, you can ditch the gloom for a day and dedicate Valentine’s Day to candles, hearts and flowers. Those too can be replaced with Gothic-style candles on skull bases, horror movies and black roses.

Whether you’re alone or with your partner, remember that Valentine’s Day is just a day. It’s okay to be alone, and you should not remember your partner just one day a year, but doing it all the time.