Four days of moshing – Outbreak festival Sunday review

Author Eetu Orvokki - 7.7.2022

Outbreak festival celebrated its 10 years anniversary this year with massive line up of emo, hardcore, metal and punk. This festival had something for everyone and truly left no-one cold. Sunday was memorable, not only for several injuries in the crowd but unique line-up as well.

DRAIN, photo by Eetu Orvokki

The day got an insane start when California rockers in Scowl, hardcore band Zulu and straight edge band DARE took over both of the stages. People were up early to witness these sets and there was no marks of tiredness.

Anxious and DRAIN were the bands many were waiting for – and it shows. Once again the crowd went mad in the most positive way and early singalongs echoed in Manchester. For such and energic start, the next bands were a little bit more moody and chill. Bands called Superheaven, Nothing and Show me the Body were incredibly good, regardless of the injuries that made Show Me the Body stop their set for a while. Everything continued as normal after a quick ten minute rescue which went well. The security team at the Outbreak Festival were incredible and deserves all the respect!

DARE, photo by Eetu Orvokki

The second stage has the highlight when the last bands of the stage performed: pop punk band Militarie Gun performed, opening for incredibly good straight edge band One Step Closer. Energy was so good, you could touch it with your hands – Even tho audience went hard, they all loved each others in this very moment. One Step Closer really is a band worth of checking out!

Superheaven, photo by Eetu Orvokki

The evening got and amazing end, when crazy metalcore band VEIN, hardcore band Ceremony and huge Deafheaven opened the main stage for the last artist and last headliner of the weekend: Touche Amore from United States. All the bands were really good, but you could really tell that a lot of the visitors had really small amount of energy left: whole four days of stagediving and moshing drains the energy really well with such an mental lineup as Outbreak had to offer.

Touche Amore were celebrating their latest album “Lament” from 2020 and playing the classics from previous albums as well. This was the perfect way to end the weekend festival and gather everyone together for such and emotional performance.

One Step Closer, photo by Eetu Orvokki

The Outbreak Festival took place 24.-26.6. in Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester UK and is headlined by huge artists such as Terror, Knocked Loose, Turnstile, Basement and huge load of other hot bands.