A folk metal intriguing debut – review of Vansind’s “Mørket”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 13.10.2023

I never get tired of reviewing debut albums because they are quite special. It’s like giving your heart and your deepest feelings to the whole world, and hopefully, they will appreciate these gifts. And that is what happens with Vansind, hailing from Denmark since they are about to publish their first full-length “Mørket” on November 17th.

Their dedication is remarkable, and this record reflects the collective effort of the group to create a very solid product. The mixing is outstanding, so much so that even the bass is highlighted, and you’ll hear it if you want it or not. The same goes for the production, wonderfully sewing all the instruments and the voices without overstepping each element.

The songs are mostly homogeneous throughout the listening, and unfortunately, so are the melodies. I think that the band could experiment a bit more in this area because they certainly have the talent and the means to do it. In particular, I enjoyed “Blót” very much since it was a bit diverse and original.

The combination of J. Asgaard and Line Burglin’s vocals is fantastic, but sometimes, their abundant use of vocalization may suggest a deliberate choice to emphasize sonic expression over lyrical verbosity. It appears as though they may be exercising restraint when it comes to their lyrics, allowing their vocalizations to take center stage and convey emotions and themes through sound rather than an abundance of words.

In conclusion, I think that the first fatigue from Vansind is an effort that will not go unnoticed: their folk metal is classic but not obvious, powerful yet layered. Should they continue on this path, I’m sure their career will be full of success and achievements.


  1. Den Store Ask
  2. Grib Til Våben
  3. Blodmosen
  4. Før Dagen Gryr
  5. Den Første Fejde
  6. Blót
  7. Rejsen Mod Nord
  8. Frigg