Fit For An Autopsy is already working on new music

Author Benedetta Baldin - 31.5.2024

Fit For An Autopsy, the New Jersey deathcore band, released only 2 years ago their latest full-length, but it appears that something is already cooking in the studio. The band announced earlier today that they are officially working on their seventh full-length album on their Instagram page.

Since they are still working on the album, there is naturally not much information available. We only know that it will be their follow-up to “Oh What The Future Holds”, which came out in 2022. What’s especially amazing is that guitarist Will Putney can continue to produce music for a long list of other bands while still doing whatever he needs to with Fit For An Autopsy. Oh, and don’t forget that he plays in other bands that are still active, such as END and Better Lovers. The guy is a real workhorse. Now we must wait for more information to leak from their camp.