First-rate power metal for Frozen Crown’s “Call of the North” release party

Author Benedetta Baldin - 13.3.2023

It was a chilly evening in Milan… that is how March 10th has welcomed to the world Frozen Crown‘s fourth album, “Call of the North”. And Chaoszine was, of course, present to document this incredible concert that took place at the Legend Club in Milan, which we sincerely thank for their professionalism.

The performances aren’t off to a very good start, though, because the opening act, Volturian, will begin their set about 30 minutes later than scheduled. However, this doesn’t affect the show’s quality: the venue is packed, the crowd is enthusiastic and very responsive to the music. Federica, the lead singer, was having a little bit of trouble with her vocals in the first couple of songs, but after that, she was absolutely flawless. A lot of fog completely blacked out the stage of the Legend Club, and I frankly couldn’t see much. But what I heard was more than enough to confirm that Volturian is a group of excellent artists and entertainers.


  1. Rebirth
  2. Stay
  3. Harley
  4. Haunting Symphony
  5. Days Before You Died
  6. Broken
  7. The Killing Joe
  8. Between The Sleepers
  9. Torn Asunder

It’s time for a change of scenery and pace for this release party. From the charming and sensual sounds of Volturian, we now move on to the first-ever acoustic set of Nocturna, another band from the Scarlet Records roster. And if you know me, you know how much I adore acoustic performances: this wasn’t an exception. Rehn and Grace’s vocals were perfectly mixed and balanced, and Hedon (Federico Mondelli) on guitar is tirelessly playing his heart out. From time to time, he was also beating out the rhythm on his guitar, and since I couldn’t see the stage, I thought that Deimos was playing (but he wasn’t). The whole audience was in the same feeling, and just before “The Sorrow Path“, Rehn asked the audience to turn on the flashlights on everybody’s smartphones to create a moving atmosphere. I was almost in tears! It was indeed a magical moment.


  1. Sea of Fire
  2. Darkest Days
  3. The Trickster
  4. New Evil
  5. Daughters of the Night
  6. The Sorrow Path
  7. Blood of Heaven

Unfortunately, the delay couldn’t be shortened during the evening, so about 30 minutes later than scheduled, it was time for Frozen Crown to close the dances. And they have prepared so many surprises for us! They delighted us with many tracks from “Call of the North” and some old classics of the band. At about half of the show, Jade invited Federica on stage to duet on “Angels In Disguise“, which was brilliant. Guitarist Sheena was mastering the technique and the riffs spectacularly, while Francesco was giving power (no pun intended) with his bass. Before playing “In The Dark“, Jade asked the audience to choose another singer to duet with: the audience chose Grace from Nocturna, and they sang the song together. “We can’t leave Rehn out, can we?” asked Jade to the audience. And with a big cheer, they duetted on “Across The Sea“. So with both Nocturna singers on stage, the three leading ladies shared the vocals on “Forever“. Federico dedicated this song to a long-time fan of the band who was accompanied here by her parents, both metalheads as well. It was such a sweet moment! The evening was finished with “I Want Out” by Helloween, sung by Jade, Grace, Rehn and Federica as well. It was the cherry on top of a fantastic night full of music and entertainment!


  1. Neverending
  2. The Water Dancer
  3. Fire In The Sky (live premiere)
  4. Black Heart (live premiere)
  5. Kings
  6. Far Beyond
  7. Angels in Disguise (feat. Federica Lanna)
  8. Call of the North
  9. I Am The Tyrant
  10. Crown Eternal
  11. In The Dark
  12. Across The Sea
  13. Forever
  14. The Shieldmaiden
  15. I Want Out (Helloween cover)

Photos: Silvio Colombo.