Finntroll’s Mathias Lillmåns joins Finnish progressive metallers Elding: New song “Blood Will Tell” released

Author Arto Mäenpää - 31.10.2022

Elding is an international progressive metal band formed in Helsinki, Finland. The ensemble draws inspiration from a vast spectrum of influences, which along with other bands (prog and metal ones in particular) primarily include classical music, film soundtracks as well as video games and their respective scores. Now imagine all of these entwined with a deep appreciation for cultural heritage, large varieties of literature, nature and wildlife, philosophy, psychology and spirituality; transmuted and portrayed with an undertow of fantasy.

For further immersion in regards to the music’s narrative, the group will also present its own lore accompanied with illustrations made by seasoned artist Damjan Gjorgievski. The artwork is being expanded upon as the musicians make progress with their craft – offering curious minds enigmatic clues which may help unravel the more mysterious aspects of the band’s mythos. You can check out the artwork below:

Today the band which is lead and formed by guitarist Finn Windsval has announced that Mathias Lillmåns (…And Oceans, Finntroll) and Aleksi Kärkkäinen (Vetten Äpärät, Valkeat, King Of None) has joined as official members of the group and released a new single titled “Blood Will Tell” which consists of two parts “Hindsight Rue” and “Blood Will Tell“. You can listen to the single below:

Elding line-up 2022:
Matthias Lillmåns – vocals
Finn Windsval – guitars
Aleksi Kärkkäinen – guitars / vocals
Pyry Hanski – session bassist
Heikki Saari – session drummer