Finnish punkroll band Ugly Punch returns with the single “Cool Sunglasses”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 14.1.2024

Finnish punkroll band UGLY PUNCH released their second single and music video “Cool Sunglasses“. The track is taken from their self-titled debut EP due to be released on February 22nd by Secret Entertainment. 

WATCH the music video: 

Music video for the first single “Bad Boy” is available here: 


The band comments:
” Cool Sunglasses is a more upbeat track than the previous single, which moves forward with a strong groove. (Of course!) This song doesn’t go for the fancy stuff either, but keeps it simple but through the UGLY PUNCH filter of course. The lyrics of the song tell it like it is. “You may have all the superficial shit, but I’ve got something you don’t.” You can see the content as it’s simply stated, or you can see it in more depth. Everyone can choose. But either way. It’s worth picking up this second single now, because there’s more to come! ” 

LISTEN “Cool Sunglasses” on streaming services: 



UGLY PUNCH is a band with roots in groovy rock and punk music. I guess you could say a kind of “punkroll” sound with a personal touch. This gang was founded in 2023, but they all have a long history in music. Our base is a great space in the middle of the forest in Tampere.

The goal is to keep our music accessible and something that is easy to get under your feet. Also, that there’s a certain good vibe about what we do and that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

Nevertheless, we do this with all our heart and soul.  
The first self-titled ep will be released in early 2024. A full-length album is also planned and will be released in the coming year.