Finnish progressive metal band Heaven-Gemini filmed their music video in various locations including a movie theater

Author Benedetta Baldin - 11.4.2024

The Finnish progressive metal band Heaven-Gemini has released the first single from their upcoming album.

“Pathomania delves into simulated worlds. The concept album, titled ‘Luonnonoikku’ (‘Freak of Nature’), tells a story that has a handful of ethical dilemmas. The single presents one of them: if life were to occur in an endless loop of simulations, what is the value of one’s or another’s death ,”the band explains.

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Formed in 2018, the band released their debut EP Dolores in the fall of 2022. “Pathomania” represents the band’s heaviest offering to date.

“Pathomania is built from simple basic blocks, ones and zeros. The working title of the song, ‘Riffiest riff,’ tells the essence,” composer and singer-guitarist Aleksi Kokko says.

“I remember my initial reaction to the first demo Aleksi sent was ‘holy f***’ or something along those lines. The riff department is quite punishing. The lyrics ended up being quite cruel as well,” lyricist Santtu Paananen says.

The music video was filmed in November 2023 at five different locations, such as a movie theater in Mikkeli. Santtu Paananen was responsible for the video. Musically, the song incorporates elements from Gojira-inspired riff assaults to rhythmic djent.

“The album has been in the works in studios and home studios, as well as in the darkest corners of the mind over the last year and a half. The bar has been set high,” the band reveals.

“Luonnonoikku” will be released through Inverse Records in the fall of 2024. The album was mixed by Seppo Nummela and mastered by Joni Borodavkin. The cover art is by Jussi Huttunen.

Heaven-Gemini is:
Aleksi Kokko: guitar, vocals
Mikko Soininen: guitar
Santtu Paananen: drums
Eetu Savolainen: bass

Watch the music video: