Finnish power duo Yokophono release second single of the year ‘Trying’

Author Benedetta Baldin - 21.3.2024

The Finnish Turku-based power duo Yokophono released their second single this year and it’s called ‘Trying‘. 

LISTEN “Trying” single on streaming services: 

The band members comment: 

“The second single to be released by Yokophono this year is the hectic sounding Trying, which is a mixture of Finnish melancholy and an exploding reggaeton based chorus. The single is a bit more serious in nature compared to their earlier release this year, but still carries the same hooky energy and catchiness that gets under the listener´s skin.”

WATCH earlier this year released music video “RED“: 

Yokophono is a Finnish power duo formed in 2020. Their music consists of energetic dance-punk / indie rock -songs that will most definitely get the audience´s feet tapping and heads bopping. Their sound has been compared to the likes of Royal BloodArctic Monkeys and even Queens Of The Stone Age. Consisting of just drums and guitar they also rely on their catchy melodies with English vocals.

Yokophono tries to capture the essence of playing live in their studio production: Since the band performs everything as a duo, both in studio and on stage, they want the audible experience to be as close to the real thing as possible. Both their EP:s (“217”, 2020 / “Let´s have some continental breakfast”, 2022) have gained airtime and some high praise on radio shows by YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company).

Yokophono released their latest two singles, “Red” and “Trying”, through Inverse Records in early 2024.