Finnish metallers Split Iris sign to Seek & Strike, reveal new single “Purge”

Author Hernan Osuna - 5.2.2024

Finnish modern metal outfit Split Iris has released a new single “Purge”, the band’s first release through their new label Seek & Strike. The quintet are quickly rising from the underground metal scene with their propulsive blend of djent and modern metal brilliance – look forward to a full-length effort dropping this summer.

Aleksi (vocals) states: “We’re thrilled to finally let our fans know that we’ve signed a deal with Seek & Strike! We’re sure that with their help as our label we’ll be able to reach our goals and grow Split Iris to reach its true potential. Seek & Strike was among the very top choices we had in mind when we were looking for a label. Already by looking at their roster and seeing how active and hard working they are with their bands, we realised we’d fit right in. We knew that with their help we’d be able to reach just the right audiences that really appreciate what we have to offer, and that with their support we could grow to our true potential. Therefore, we can’t be thankful enough for them trusting us and our art by letting us join their ranks. To say that we’re extremely excited is an understatement. We can’t wait to see what’s to come with Seek & Strike having our backs!

“The song, ‘Purge,’ arouses a bittersweet mixture of feelings, such as empowerment, anxiety and an almost childish-like excitement in the face of disaster. The underlying theme is hubris as a trait of the human race and how it blinds us from seeing our limits and our lack of control. Even in the face of total obliteration, there is still trust that everything can be fixed in the snap of a finger and this trust in our omnipotence in fact hinders us from taking action to prevent the disaster to come. The storyteller thus vows to purge the world of all things wrong and correct the course by setting everything right, at the same time knowing in the back of their head that the road ahead is nowhere near as easy or simple as it seems. The problem may in fact even be the storyteller themselves.”

Split Iris are a Finnish progressive metalcore band combining elements of djent and many other styles of modern metal, resulting in a freshly unique mixture as their distinctive sound. The ambiences and massive soundscapes in the arrangements bring depth to the dark and driving down-tuned riffs, through which the mesmerising and catchy vocal melodies soar pristinely.

The quintet are based in Rauma, Finland and were formed in 2020. They are releasing their debut album in 2024 and will perform new songs live from the upcoming album. Relevant themes in the band’s music include self-acceptance and psychic resources. The down-tuned riffs and huge soundscapes inspire the listener to experience strong emotions, through which they can find spiritual strength in themselves and their surroundings.