Finnish folk metal band Eramaa has released their second album “Ukko Laulaa”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 15.1.2024

Folk Metal band Eramaa has released their second album “Ukko Laulaa”. 

The album provides an encompassing insight into Folk Metal. 

Since their foundation in 2018, the band has merged polyphonic vocals of three vocalists with heavy-hitting guitar riffs. Furthermore, “Ukko Laulaa” is supported by five single releases introduced within 2023. 

The process of “Ukko Laulaa” dates back into January 2022 – after the release of their first album “Pohjan Nainen”, the band found themselves with new material. After evolving into an album’s worth during the early 2022 – the band initiated preparations and began the recording process in April of 2023.

“Ukko Laulaa” includes guest vocals from the pioneers of Finnish Folk Metal – Papa Wilska (track:  “Kalmannos“) and Petri Lindroos (track: “Luunkehrääjä“)

“Ukko Laulaa” consists of “Kalmannos” -intro and eight tracks that highlight the strength and spirit of Eramaa.

The lyrical themes of the album paint a picture of dim depths of the human mind – contradicted with a hope for the better. 

Saitamieli” – the first single from the album – is an aggressive opening for the album. Whereas the title track “Ukko Laulaa” and “Lieskat” create spaces for beautiful vocal harmonies, “Luunkehrääjä” demolishes the atmosphere with thrash riffs. 

Moreover, the album includes crowd sing-along tune “Juodaan Laulu” – your traditional three-chord drinking song. 

Last but not least, “Ikiranka” concludes the album while incorporating English in the lyrics – as present in the previous album – the song is dedicated to the memory of Alexi Laiho.