Finnish metal collective In Thorns released new single “we are expendable”

Author Teemu Hakala - 1.12.2023

Finnish metal collective In Thorns released a new single, “we are expendable”. The song is the most massive both in terms of writing and production among their previous releases.

“The original demo of this song was far from what the song eventually became, and that’s a good thing. ‘WAE’ is a big and impressive metal piece that combines heavy verses and a massive melodic chorus,” Ruutala continues. “The theme of ‘we are expendable’ revolves around the idea that Earth is only on loan to humanity, and due to their own stupidity, people are heading towards extinction.” says the second vocalist Kristian Ruutala

Simultaneously with the release of the new single, the release date for the debut album, ‘the last bead on a cord of songs,’ was confirmed. The album will be available on streaming services on January 12, 2024. The album consists of a total of 8 tracks, forming a cohesive story when listened to in order.

“The entire album, its themes, and the consistent thread run from one song to the next. Each track is, in its own way, a continuation of the previous one, and as the album progresses, the intensity of the whole story increases, and the mental landscape opens up in sometimes quite distressing atmospheres,” says Aleksi Ruotsalainen, who recorded, produced, and mixed the album.

“‘the last bead on a cord of songs’ is an imaginary last message to this world. It is a collection of exaggerated thoughts and experiences that ultimately culminate into leaving this world. One could imagine this whole entity as a farewell message recorded by the main character of the story.” Guitarist-vocalist Aavee Tikkanen, who was responsible for almost the entire composition of the album, describes it as a fictional farewell.

Tikkanen and Ruotsalainen have shared the production responsibilities for the entire album. Over the last two years, the duo has worked on pre-production, guitar and vocal production, as well as the final touches of the finished product.

“I can’t take full responsibility for the technical side of the album; this project is the work of all of us. Whether it’s about mixing, certain lyrics, or even the tuning of the guitar, all of us have been part of every stage on-site.” Ruotsalainen emphasizes

“we are expendable” is now available on all music streaming services.