Finnish alternative rock band Vanta has released their carefully crafted debut album “Future Does Not Belong To Us”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 4.3.2024

Vanta, one of the most promising newcomers to the Finnish alternative rock scene, has released their carefully prepared debut album “Future Does Not Belong To Us”. The album was preceded by a bunch of singles, the latest taster of which was the title track “Future Does Not Belong To Us“, released last month.

“Future Does Not Belong To Us” has taken shape over the last three years. A lot of songs have come and gone, but in the end we got our hands on the best possible package that sounds great from start to finish,” says VANTA’s vocal bassist Markus Saikkonen.

Listen to the album on music services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer etc):

He highlights the song “…For No One” from the band’s debut album, which adds more colors to the album and expands the musical scale towards directions.  

“…For No One is the black sheep of the album, and it’s a good one to play around with. The lush chorus jerks the song forward from the verse, which opened up to us in a new way after the additions of the last few songs. The change of song is downright dizzying, and the mood of the song changes on the fly. You could call this a kind of drum & bass/metalcore dialogue. The lyrics of the song could be summed up as – I wait, time does not. Time forgets, I don’t”, Saikkonen sums it up.

Markus Saikkonen: Vocals
Lauri Aaltonen: Guitar
Aleksi Laiho: Guitar
Henri Niemi: Drums


1. Warhead
2. Let Me Out of Paradise
3. Hate in your Heart
4. Iscariot
5. Firstborn
6. …For No One
7. Our Holy Hell
8. Future Does Not Belong To Us