Fear Factory will announce new vocalist by next February

Author Flavia Andrade - 13.9.2022

Fear Factory will announce their new vocalist by February next year, says Dino Cazares.

A new single will be released before the band tours with Static-X next year.

On “The Jasta Show”, Cazares revealed:

“It’s just a lot of development, man. Fear Factory is precious to a lot of people and I’m gonna make sure this is done right. I wanted to release some tracks a while ago with the singer, but then I had no touring behind it. So the hype was going to die down quick.

I wanted to do it around the tour so that way you got something to work, and I just didn’t want to release his name too quick because then… no one is gonna care by the time I release a track a year later. I want it all to be done together.”

When Jamey Jasta asked who would be the number 1 vocalist Cazares would want to have front the band, he said:

“The number one guy would be Mike Patton. If Mike Patton said ‘hey, I’m singing for you guys,’ ‘okay.’ There’s no hesitation at all, whatsoever. He’s one of those guys that can do it all, and you know it’s gonna be exciting, charismatic – you know it’s gonna be interesting every night.”