Fear Factory to start recording new album in early 2023, says Dino Cazares

Author Flavia Andrade - 5.11.2022

In a recent interview with Sonic Perspectives, Dino Cazares, Fear Factory‘s guitarist, confirmed that the band have started work on their next album.

In Cazares’ words:

“We started pre-production about a week ago. So right now we’re just demoing everything. And then we’ll be recording probably early next year. But then I’ve gotta go on tour… We’ve gotta go on tour starting in late February, and we’re gonna be on tour till at least June. So we probably be able to finish the production sometime until July, and then shortly after that hopefully get the record out as quickly as possible.”

Cazares also addressed the issue of Fear Factory‘s new vocalist:

“You wanna take your time. You wanna make sure you find someone that best fits the job. It’s not anything new for me; I’ve started many other bands with other singers, and I’ve had to replace singers before. But not in a band like Fear Factory. So, yeah, it’s definitely very challenging, and I’m definitely up for the challenge. I understand there’s probably gonna be some sort of backlash, but there’s a backlash with everything. So, yeah, I’m up for the challenge. I’m not planning on changing anything. I’m gonna pretty much keep what Fear Factory is known for and try to honor the legacy of who we are.”