Fear Factory to release next album in late 2024

Author Flavia Andrade - 16.8.2023

The new Fear Factory released has been pushed to the end of 2024. In a recent interview with “ADK Metal News, Reviews, Reactions & Interviews”, guitarist Dino Cazares said the band should befinishing up in the studio next summer for a possible release in October or November. This will be the first album featuring vocalist Milo Silvestro.

In Cazares’ words:

We start October 6 going into December 17, and then we have Christmas break, obviously. January we go back into the studio, start finishing more stuff from the record. And then late January, we’ve got another big tour coming up, which I can’t say who it is yet, but it’s gonna be a fucking killer package. And it’s in the U.S. And that’s gonna be another two-month tour. And then we’ve got some festivals — April, May, June and probably August. Then, in the summer, I need to take the summer off to finish the new record, get it out and then get back on the road probably by October, November next year again.

It’s a lot of planning. We’re getting asked to do a lot of things and right now I’ve been saying yes, just to try to get the band back out there, try to get the band to rebuild our large live credibility. We want the fans to come back. And then you hit ’em with a new song and then you hit ’em with a new album. And you just get back out there and do it again.