Fear Factory - Tavastia - Helsinki - 2023

Fear Factory ended their European tour in sold out Helsinki Finland – check the photo gallery from the sweaty evening

Author Niko Sihvonen - 22.12.2023

Fear Factory have been touring Europe for the past two months and their tour finally came to an end last Saturday. Tour ended in the legendary finnish club, Tavastia, in the center of Helsinki. Show was sold out weeks before and you could really see and feel how packed the club was. Evening started with the opening band from Ukraine Ignea which style could be described as melodic metal mixing heavy riffs with symphonic, electronic and folk elements. At the time they started, there were already a bunch of people inside. Second band of the evening was the american metal band Butcher Babies whose energy was off the roof. Evening ended with a tight show from Fear Factory who really squeezed every last ounce of energy from the audience. Check the photos from every band of the evening below:


Butcher Babies

Fear Factory

PhotosNiko Sihvonen / Rocktografia