Fear Factory announce reissues of “Mechanize” and “The Industrialist”

Author Flavia Andrade - 6.4.2023

Fear Factory is about to reissue 2010’s “Mechanize” and 2012’s “The Industrialist” with alterations. “Mechanize” will get three bonus tracks, whereas “The Industrialist” (renamed “Re-Industrialized”) will feature live drums, new artwork, six bonus tracks, remixed by Greg Reely (“Demanufacture”, “Obsolete”, “Mechanize”).

Both reissues are out June 23, you can order “Re-Industrialized” here and “Mechanize” here.

You can find the tracklistings below:


1 -“The Industrialist”

2 -“Recharger”

3 -“New Messiah”

4 -“God Eater”

5 -“Depraved Mind Murder”

6 -“Virus Of Faith”

7 -“Difference Engine”

8 -“Disassemble”

9 -“Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed”

10 -“Enhanced Reality”

11 -“Human Augmentation”

12 -“Fade Away (Recharger Remix by Rhys Fulber and Dino Cazares)”

13 -“Noise In The Machine (Difference Engine Remix by Blush Response)”

14 -“Landfill”

15 -“Saturation”

16 -“Passing Complexion”


1 -“Mechanize”

2 -“Industrial Discipline”

3 -“Fear Campaign”

4 -“Powershifter”

5 -“Christpoitation”

6 -“Oxidizer”

7 -“Controlled Demolition”

8 -“Designing The Enemy”

9 -“Metallic Division”

10 -“Final Exit”

11 -“Martyr (Re-recorded version)”

12 -“Crash Test (Re-recorded version)”

13 -“Sangre De Ninos (Re-recorded version)”