Farewell, Too Close To Touch – final album ‘For Keeps’

Author Vickky Lewis - 10.3.2024

Back in 2013 at Lexington, Kentucky USA the five piece band Too Close To Touch was founded. With their loved Rock, Post-Hardcore sound and frontman Keaton Pierce leading them to glory. From their debut EP Too Close To Touch and album Nerve Ending earning them a dedicated fanbase and propelled them to stardom. 

Tragically in 2022, Keaton Pierce passed away due to complications brought on by acute pancreatitis.

More than a year on, Mason Marble (Rhythm/Lead Guitar) and Kenneth Downey (Drums) returned to release a new single Hopeless. In honour of Keaton and the band.

Now Too Close To Touch have released their final album For Keeps. A eight track album created out of Keaton’s final recordings. To fill in missing vocals, Too Close To Touch welcomed mates Bad Omens, The World Alive and Cane Hill to help.

For Keeps feels like we never lost Keaton Pierce. The magic that Too Close to Touch have is over this album. Making you stop what you are doing and glueing yourself to every word and note. It’s emotional, dynamic and touching. Showcasing the talent of all members. The medley and riffs are pumping to the max that touches the soul. Along side Keaton’s vocals that are speechless. From heavy belters to ballads, the depth of this album goes beyond what they have produced before – They are still pushing boundaries. For Keeps, is the ultimate closing number.

Like the album title ‘For Keeps’, it will no doubt be an album for many that they will keep in their hearts forever. 

Thank you Too Close To Touch for the music, it’s been an honour.