Face Of Our Time releases debut album “Eclipse” and announces upcoming shows

Author Arto Mäenpää - 5.4.2024

Oulu-based modern metalcore sensation Face Of Our Time proudly announces the release of their highly anticipated debut album, “Eclipse,” available now to fans worldwide. The band invites listeners to delve into their dynamic soundscapes, showcasing a blend of raw energy and melodic intensity.

Throughout the creation process of “Eclipse,” the band encountered both triumphs and challenges, ultimately crafting a cohesive and diverse collection of tracks. Reflecting on the journey, the members express profound satisfaction with the final product. Comprising a mix of both older and newer compositions, the album presents a compelling fusion of their musical evolution. The artwork, a crucial element of the album’s identity, received significant contributions from their close-knit circle, enriching the visual representation of their sonic narrative.

Excitedly anticipating the opportunity to perform unreleased tracks for their dedicated audience, Face Of Our Time looks forward to igniting stages with their electrifying presence. The band expresses gratitude for the overwhelmingly positive reception already garnered by “Eclipse,” extending heartfelt thanks to their loyal supporters for their unwavering encouragement.

Fans are encouraged to immerse themselves in the sonic journey of “Eclipse” now available on major streaming platforms, including Spotify.

Mark your calendars for Face Of Our Time’s upcoming live performances:

  • April 6: ZROCK, Kempele
  • June 14: Lisää Löylyä, Vaasa
  • June 15: Untorock, Utajärvi

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