Exodus to go into the studio in March; new album to be released in September 2024

Author Flavia Andrade - 18.10.2023

In a new video shared on Zetro’s Toxic Vault YouTube channel, Exodus frontman Steve “Zetro” Souza gave fans an update on the songwriting progress for the band’s new album.

He said:

Tentatively, new Exodus record next year. Probably recording March, April-ish. Speaking to Gary [Holt]… You can’t hammer it in stone because creative — the writing has to go how the writing goes; you can’t force it. Probably, March, April, I’d say, September you’ll see a new record; you’ll get a new record by September.

When we’re at the festivals next year, and we have some lined up — I think we’re at Wacken… We’re at a few of ’em next year anyway. Alcatraz. The record will be out the next month. But we will be playing… I was told that we’re gonna go ahead and play some tracks from it. We’ve never done that before. So that will be a different thing that we’re gonna do.

We are with Napalm Records now, and we are really excited to be with Napalm Records. We wanna get them a record. We signed the deal at the end of 2022… and we’re with them now and we want to give them their record. So, I know Gary’s writing right now.

You can check out Zetro’s video below: