Exodus’ Gary Holt: “I’m going to start working on the new record”

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 7.2.2023

During an interview with Loudwire, Exodus guitarist and lyricist, Gary Holt, made interesting statements about the band’s future plans. In fact, Exodus would be ready to record new music, once the North American tour that sees them alongside Black Label Society and Anthrax is over.

Gary declares:

I’ve always got a million riffs. I probably have a thousand that I didn’t use on the last album. Sometimes it’s just because I get OCD and I get caught up in the latest riff and I won’t go back and bother to listen to the other stuff. And sometimes I’ll pull up really great stuff that is decades old — wow, how did I not use that? After this tour I’ve got three months off and I’m going to start working on the new record.

– Gary Holt

Then, Gary explains something really interesting about his creative double process:

I’m very proud of the lyrics I write. Writing riffs is easy. Writing lyrics is tougher — you spend a lot of time staring at a blank piece of paper. As a guitar player, when I’m done, that stuff is handed off to someone else, so a lot of people really don’t even understand that I write most of it. It gives me a chance to convey what I’m feeling and express my anger and rage or whatever it is I want to. And then I walk away happy. It’s like kind of like therapy for me.

– Gary Holt

So, Exodus fans, we only have to wait for succulent news!