Ex X-Japan, L’Arc~en~Ciel, Luna Sea, and Dué le quartz members launch The Last Rockstars superband

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 12.11.2022

This is the ultimate Japanese way to rock. From the metal visual-kei horizon to the most iconic hard rock moments, Yoshiki ( X-Japan), Hyde (L’Arc~en~Ciel), Sugizo ( Luna Sea), and Miyavi (Dué le quartz) created The Last Rockstars project, a superband with the aim of bringing together the best experiences from the Nippon underground scene.
The superband released a teaser trailer showing off two new songs, the eponymous “The Last Rockstars” entirely composed by Yoshiki, and “Psycho Love” with Hyde’s distinctive influence. In addition, this new, experimental super-mash-up will debut live in the United States at the end of January 2023.

Enjoy the glamourish wind of Japan and watch The Last Rockstars trailer here: