Eradication of the Unworthy Infants publishes their extreme metal manifesto

Author John Hagen - 14.1.2022

Eradication of the Unworthy Infants—who is behind that 35-character long name? Listening to “Change Is Good,” I fully expected to find a five-piece band, but this could not be farther from the truth: EOUI, as it is commonly acronymed, is actually a two-man, Finnish-American operation, composed of school friends Jad and Joonas.

And judging by the content of their latest full-length, the duo did more than homework after class! Hailing from America, Jad Batrouny takes charge of drums and vocals, while Finnish co-member Joonas Honkanen is on string duties.

Mixed and mastered by engineer Ashane Silva, “Change Is Good” is a high-octane mixture of grinding, slamming, and grooving death metal. The band is unafraid to bend genres, marrying different vocal and instrumental techniques that, in the end, deliver a cohesive and well-executed extreme metal manifesto.

Traditionally the appanage of grindcore artists, Jad Batrouny growls, screams, and squeals lyrics that border on social commentary. While not overtly political, the tropes mirror those of artist Ardha Lepa’s cover perfectly.

With freak weather raging in the background, the Statue of Liberty no longer stands. Cracked, its head lies in disarray as water floods and cascades across a landscape broken by—one can guess—war, social collapse, and natural disasters.

The bright, pastel-colored artwork is an eye-catcher, and one that sets itself apart from the legions of gore-focused art we tend to see within the confines of death metal, though the music is as brutal as ever.

Along his rabid, foaming-at-the mouth-like vocals, Jad delivers blasts of aggression behind the kit. A long-time drummer, he laid an infectious skeleton of groove for bandmate Joonas to extol with his heavy guitar and bass work.

“Change is Good” is a modern take on modern problems—ones that Eradication of the Unworthy Infants were not afraid to tackle. Is all change good? This, of course, is up for debate.

What is almost certain, though, is that time is running out. Therefore, I would strongly advise you to check out EOUI’s debut, “Change is Good”—before it is too late.