Energetic explosion: Review of Sylosis’ “A Sign of Things to Come”

Author Simmaco Munno - 13.9.2023

Three years after the release of “Cycle Of Suffering,” Sylosis is back with a new album titled “A Sign of Things to Come.” The English band continues to showcase their thrash metal style, infused with elements of progressive, groove, and melodic death metal. Expectations for this record were sky-high, considering Sylosis had firmly established themselves as one of the best metal bands in Europe and the world. Their sound has always been described as strong, melodic, and melancholic, and they have certainly upheld this reputation.

“A Sign of Things to Come” marks their sixth album, and Sylosis brings with it the usual intensity, complemented by melodic and clean vocal verses. Unlike previous records, the band decided to focus more on calmer verses, as seen in the pseudo-ballad “Absent.” This album brims with diverse inspirations, which could either enhance or detract from a band’s identity. However, it’s in moments like these that a band’s maturity truly shines through. Their music carries echoes of influences from bands like Lamb of God, In Flames, Slipknot, and others. Even though it may seem like they’ve veered from their signature style, this is not the case.

The band’s leader, Josh Middleton, has significantly improved his vocal range and clean singing skills, justifying the inclusion of clean vocal parts. They’ve always been categorized as a melodic death metal band, giving them the artistic license to explore a more melodic approach in their vocals. Perhaps this shift was influenced by the German record label Nuclear Blast; however, the end result is more than satisfactory.

One notable departure from their previous albums is the reduced presence of melodic guitar solos, which had set them apart from other thrash metal bands. This is among the few flaws you can find on this record, as they have dedicated more of their creative energy to crafting heavy riffs and powerful drumming. A prime example of this approach is evident in the explosive opening track, “Deadwood,” where all instruments are in perfect harmony, defining it as a signature of the band.

In conclusion, “A Sign of Things to Come” is undoubtedly a great album. Still, it introduces some changes in the band’s musical style that might not sit well with all their fans. While it undeniably retains the Sylosis sound, it offers a more straightforward and accessible listening experience compared to their previous albums.