Enemy Inside release their new video for the acoustic version of “Black and Gold” 

Author Benedetta Baldin - 10.5.2024

Enemy Inside is a non-resting ensemble of talented musicians, always pushing the boundaries of their music and keeping on surprising the music world with new offerings that are always more mature and developed than their previous works. Now, the band is warming up for their next full-length album that is to come within 2025 and until then, they are offering a new and acoustic version of their song “Black and Gold” which was featured as the original on their “Seven” album, released back in 2021. A powerful take on a beautiful and full-of-emotions ballad!

Stream/Download the new single, here: https://bfan.link/black-and-gold-2

Music and lyrics written by Nastassja Giulia & Evan K. Audio rearranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Evan K. Filmed and edited by Jonas Sommer. Pictures & Artwork by Apollonia Photography, Dave Hadarik & Ed Torre