Endline will put the melodic hard rock scene into a new shape – check out the first single” Lost”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 9.2.2024

Endline is a melodic hard rock band formed in January 2023, whose musicians are long-time professionals. Janika Rissanen the lead vocalist, was recruited through a performance in Voice of Finland and despite the title of the band’s youngest member, she has accumulated experience for several years also. The band released their debut single today called “Lost“.

LISTEN “Lost” on streaming services: https://push.fm/fl/endline-lost

”The Voice of Finland was one of the best experiences of my life from start to finish. The entire production, the coaches and above all our own and other teams’ singers genuinely wanted to develop and strive for the best possible performance every single time. I also made good friends from this trip, with whom we will stay in touch for a long time. In Endline, I started almost immediately after finishing my TVOF-journey. Markus sent me a message, asking if I would be interested in coming and trying out how singing in their band would feel. The experiment quickly stretched into a year-long journey, which we are still on. We’ve been welded together well with the boys, and I couldn’t wish for a better team for myself. I have always dreamed of singing as a profession, of performing songs on big stages and above all, a great band that stands as support and security in the middle of everything. I would never have thought that a song sung by me could ever be found on Spotify, let alone on any other streaming service. So, here’s a clichéd message to all our listeners, fans and support teams: believe in yourself and work for your dreams! Sometimes it might take you in situations like this.” – Janika Rissanen – Vocals 

The brand-new single “Lost” is a combination of longing and loss. Different memories give a perspective on the search for one´s own path. However, the catchy melody and interpretation of the song also give hope and leave room for interpretation to the listener. 

”The song’s lyrics were created one evening when I was staying at the home. There’s absolutely no personal connection in the lyrics, but I guess that the passing of a loved ones and a friend that happened within the last years subconsciously influenced the creation of the lyrics. With the song and the lyrics, I want to tell you that even though it sings about longing and loss, the memories will still remain forever and you can use them to seek comfort and strength on this path of life. Go check out our song and best regards to all of our listeners!” – Julle Tikkanen, Drums 

Endline released their debut single” Lost” on all streaming services. There are new releases to come, which we will be waiting for with interest.