Photo credit: Martin Rahn

“Elizabeth Bathory liked torturing women so I wrote songs about her hobbies” – Burning Witches’ Laura Guldemond talks inspiration for the “Dark Tower” album

Author Julia Suloinen - 5.5.2023

German all-female band Burning Witches is genuinely carrying the torch of old-school heavy metal nowadays, possessing all its best possible features, like memorable riffs, general drive and recklessness, and, of course, powerful and memorable vocals.

Chaoszine had a chat with Burning Witches‘ front-woman and lyricist Laura Guldemond to unveil the mystery around their new album “The Dark Tower” as well as figure out Laura’s attitude to challenges, mysticism, and being a part of the metal world.

Check out the interview below:

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You can check out Burning Witches‘ brand new album “The Dark Tower” in full below: