Edge of Forever’s latest album is shattering the boundaries of heavy metal – review of “Ritual”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 5.11.2023

As an Italian deeply in love with the local music scene, I have to say that one of the bands that best represents my favourite subgenre of metal is Edge of Forever. I had the pleasure of seeing them live just once, for now, and they made quite an impression on me. So now that I am about to write a review for their latest album, I am expecting a lot from them because I know that they can deliver excellent products.

And my expectations not only were met but they were exceeded gloriously. Edge of Forever has taken the limits (if we can call them limits) of the genre, and they’ve thrown them out the window, allowing themselves to be influenced by a wide array of genres. What makes “Ritual” even more fascinating is its compelling narrative that tells the story of the last two indigenous people who are speaking a language that is going to be forgotten soon. The album’s sounds are enriched with oriental and tribal influences, serving as an intense tribute to the preservation of indigenous culture.

The result is an album that feels fresh, dynamic, and endlessly intriguing. Whether it’s the incorporation of delicate piano and voice sections, classic rock elements, or even scattered AOR undertones, “Ritual” is a rich tapestry of sound that defies easy categorization. Track after track, it was physically impossible for me to push “pause” or “stop”. I was mesmerised throughout the whole record, and that is something that not all bands can do.

I always like to praise the production, the mixing and the mastering, and this time, I can’t make an exception since they have genuinely prepared a timeless album. The melodies are not only varied but also exceptionally interesting. Each track unfolds like a musical journey, and the tunes act as your guide through the album’s deep and meaningful themes. Whether the haunting, introspective melodies of “Baptized In Fire” or the high-energy, anthemic riffs of “Where Are You,” as I said before, Edge of Forever keeps you hooked.

You will not, and you cannot be disappointed by Edge of Forever, and “Ritual” is the definitive confirmation. If a group is willing to explore, experiment and excel, that is where our attention should go. And all our spotlights are on them, so be sure that yours is in their direction, too!