Echoes of metal brilliance – review of Evergrey’s 14th studio album “Theories of Emptiness”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 3.6.2024

In the metal world, there are plenty of bands. Some begin their course, some grow, some split up, and some cease to exist, unfortunately. There are some, instead, that never stop creating and mesmerizing fans with their art, and we are very proud to be alive today to witness one of these. They are Evergrey, and they are alive now more than ever, about to publish their fourteenth record, “Theories of Emptiness”.

Honestly, it’s such an outstandingly crafted album that I don’t even know what to write except for praises. The melodies are sophisticated, the production is flawless, the structure of the songs and of the record itself is sublime. They have sort of turned from a more progressive side to a modern metal one, but that is not a complaint at all. It shows how chameleon-like this band is.

Perhaps the more fresh and innovative sound stems from the fact that this time it was bass player Johan Niemann behind most of the tracks, which is always a special occasion when bassists are given a chance to shine and prove their worth! From the anthemic “Misfortune” to the heart-wrenching “A Theory of Emptiness“, passing through the magnificent suite “Cold Dreams” that features Englund’s daughter, this album has all the characteristics to make it into Olympus.

“Theories of Emptiness” has masterful songwriting and evocative melodies that effortlessly evoke a myriad of emotions, from sorrow and longing to hope and resilience. Just as swiftly as the mood shifts, so too does our emotional landscape, propelled by the dynamic interplay of instrumentation and vocals. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that never ends; this is shown particularly in “Ghost Of My Hero” and “Our Way Through Silence“.

Concluding, Evergrey have once again proved their endless talent and enormous resourcefulness. Don’t miss out on “Theories of Emptiness”, because this album has everything a progressive metal listener would want, including experimentation. And when someone pushes the boundaries of music so further, it is only fair and square we must praise them.


  1. Falling From the Sun
  2. Misfortune
  3. To Become Someone Else
  4. Say
  5. Ghost of My Hero
  6. We Are the North
  7. One Heart
  8. The Night Within
  9. Cold Dreams (feat. Jonas Renkse, Salina Englund)
  10. Our Way Through Silence
  11. A Theory of Emptiness