Credit: Katarina Benzova

Duff McKagan reveals Slash tried first to sabotage Guns N’ Roses classic song “Sweet Child O’ Mine”: “We’ve got to get rid of this song somehow”

Author Arto Mäenpää - 1.2.2024

Duff McKagan has shared an interesting anecdote about Slash’s initial resistance to Guns N’ Roses‘ classic track, “Sweet Child O’ Mine“.

Speaking on the Songcraft podcast, McKagan recounted the genesis of the song, starting with Izzy Stradlin’s three chords. Despite initial uncertainty about the direction, Axl Rose liked it, prompting the band to explore its potential.

However, Slash wasn’t keen on the song, particularly disliking the three-chord progression. McKagan recalled Slash’s plea to ditch the song, saying, “We’ve got to get rid of this song somehow.” In response, Slash devised the now-iconic intro, which McKagan humorously suggested was an attempt to sabotage the track. “He wrote this twisted, just atonal thing.”

Surprisingly, the unconventional intro turned out to be a stroke of genius, transforming the song into the beloved ballad it became. McKagan reflected on the fortuitous collaboration, emphasizing how everything seemed to click for Guns N’ Roses during that particular phase.

It just goes to show that everything was clicking with that band at that point,” McKagan concluded.