Dream Demon just released new single/video “Caught in Suspension” today!

Author Jad - 24.3.2022

Dream Demon have established themselves very quickly in the South African music scene, garnering international attention through social media channels and streaming services. Having already showcased a couple of synth-laden metalcore tracks and an arena rock anthem with the previous song “Fool Me”, the band intends to continue experimenting and crafting audio to bring energetic and eclectic offerings to their listeners and is back now with their new single “Caught in Suspension”.

“Caught In Suspension” is a song about grief, specifically the stages experienced by those left behind when a loved one takes their own life. Suicide is often glamorised in popular culture when in reality the traumatic loss is accompanied by a myriad of emotions; confusion, guilt, sadness, anger. Suicide affects everyone. If you or anyone you know is struggling with thoughts of self-harm, please speak out. You are not alone.

Dream Demon

Listen to it here.