Dreadsunshine released a new single “Into Oblivion” featuring Aleksi Oksa from Balboa Son

Author Benedetta Baldin - 5.4.2024

Finnish synth-pop band Dreadsunshine released a new single and lyric video “Into Oblivion“. This track features Aleksi Oksa (Balboa Son) on vocals. The single is released in cooperation with Secret Entertainment

WATCH lyric video:

“Into Oblivion is a irony filled story where the main character wants to live in a dream. There you can say what you want and live how you choose. Nothing like in the real world. In the end you cannot tell if the main character is dreaming or not. Line is not clear and two vocals melodies emphasize it. On his deathbed, the main character of the song probably still dreams of having had the courage to do and say all sorts of things.”

Dreadsunshine is a project from Tero Hautamäki (Marraskuun Lapset, Pastorin Jämät & Wasteland) and Mika Kangas (KOL3RA & Burning Mindfields) where they move on different styles of 80s electronic music and use guest vocalists. This song features talented Aleksi Oksa (Balboa Son) who has taken a bigger role than usual on this song.

LISTEN to “Into Oblivion” on streaming services: https://push.fm/fl/dreadsunshine-oblivion 

LISTEN to the first single “Heart of the Night“: https://push.fm/fl/dreadsunshine-heart  

LISTEN to the second single “Alone In The Dark“: https://push.fm/fl/dreadsunshine-alone 

LISTEN to the third single “Sailor“: https://push.fm/fl/dreadsunshine-sailor