Documentary about Evan Rachel Wood’s fight against Marilyn Manson has its first trailer

Author Samuel Järvinen - 24.2.2022

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson has been in the news for a while, but not for the good reasons. Manson, real name Brian Warner, has been accused by numerous women of sexual abuse and rape. Rolling Stone recently published a compilation of the allegations against Manson.

One of Manson’s accuser, actress Evan Rachel Wood, has been the subject of a documentary film, ‘The Phoenix Rising’, which follows Wood’s fight against Manson in court.

The plot of the documentary is as follows:

“The documentary follows actress and activist Evan Rachel Wood as she takes her experience as a survivor of domestic violence to pursue justice, heal generational wounds and reclaim her story. Almost a decade after escaping a dangerous relationship, Wood co-authors and successfully lobbies for passage of The Phoenix Act, legislation that extends the statute of limitations for domestic violence cases in California. Wood courageously uses her own experience to bring visibility to the issue; ultimately, in solidarity with fellow survivors.”

The dcoumentary will air in two parts – Phoenix Rising: Don’t Fall on March 15th and Phoenix Rising: Stand Up on March 16th.