Dir En Grey to re-celebrate their 25th anniversary with exclusive live record and “Phalaris” vinyl

Author Silvia Tortiglione - 28.4.2023

Undisputed legends of Japanese metal, Dir En Grey celebrated their 25th-anniversary last year with a fourteen-date tour around Japan. Fans around the world who missed the timeless show, it’s your chance to remedy it. In fact, Dir En Grey has announced the release of an exclusive live footage that will replay the experience of the 2022 tour.
The “25th Anniversary TOUR22 FROM DEPRESSION TO __” will include parts of the Zepp Haneda shows, which were held in November last year. The Limited Edition will also feature some bonuses, such as performances from the club-only Shinjuku Blaze concert.

The 5th of July will not only be the release day of this great celebration but also the reissue date of Dir En Gray‘s 11th album, “Phalaris.” In two discs of 180g vinyl, this new version of the LP will have a limited run and exceptional packaging!

Perhaps it is time to shout in the name of J-rock with an excerpt from “Phalaris”?