Devin Townsend says he is cutting back on touring to focus on his musical, family and mental health

Author Samuel Järvinen - 3.6.2022

The Canadian metal master Devin Townsend is known as a hard-working touring musician. However, during the COVID pandemic, Townsend, like others, stayed at home for a long time, and apparently this change has shown him the benefits of being at home.

Townsend says he plans to reduce touring in the future to focus on working on his musical “The Moth”, her family and his mental health.

Townsend says:

“Hey all. I’ve decided to not tour nearly as much any more, as I want to focus on The Moth musical, my mental health and my family, as well as many other creative ventures. I love making music so much and I have so much in Line to create and I am going to focus on doing just that. However I will still do the odd run here and there so I can see you all :) here’s the next run for the upcoming Lightwork album. Lightwork is essentially a ‘bridge’ between where I was and where I’m going. It’s simple, clean, and refreshing. (Sounds like a diet soda when phrased like that…:) it’s more ‘Tears For Fears’ than ‘Metallica’ if you know what I mean, and I like it a lot. these dates are for next year and I hope to see some of you there… more information soon”