Devin Townsend performs entire ‘Infinity’ album for his Quarantine Project livestream

Author Jad - 8.2.2022

Devin Townsend performed his 1998 album, “Infinity”, from start to end during a livestream solo show back on February 5th. You can see the wonderful feat below:

Canadian extreme metal virtuoso Devin Townsend is the founder of Strapping Young Lad and The Devin Townsend Project. Throughout his career he has released nearly 30 albums, but perhaps his most important work to some has been his Quarantine Project. The project has been a way for him to give back to his fans.

I want to be able to provide some relief during these coming times in the ways that I am able. People have been supportive of me in my time of need with the GoFundMe campaign, as we lost a lot of revenue due to the current and foreseeable touring cycle, and want to make sure I can provide something that in some way begins to say ‘thank you’.

Devin Townsend, when he first introduced the project on

The setlist:

“Sit In The Mountain”
(live debut)
“Bad Devil”
“Soul Driven”
(live debut in full)
“Ants” (live debut)
“Colonial Boy”
(live debut)
“Unity” (live debut in full)
“Noisy Pink Bubbles”
(live debut)