Destruction to release their next album in 2022: first taster out in August

Author Samuel Järvinen - 6.8.2021

Long-running German thrash metal band Destruction have taken advantage of the Crowning Moment to prepare new music. In a recent interview conducted by Janne Vuorela, the band’s frontman Marcel “Schmier” Schirmer told us.

 “For a long time, I wasn’t ready. And last year, I didn’t even try to think about a new album. But then the beginning of this year, I was kind of motivated. After the livestream, basically, I sat down and started writing new stuff. And then in February, we started to do the first demos and everything. And we’ve [been] going to the studio ever since now. At this moment right now, I’m gonna go to the studio tomorrow again to do the final mixes. So the new album will be done this summer — like, at the of August, the mixes are done. And we will also release a new single very soon. But the album is coming the beginning of next year. Our label said right away, this year there’s no more space for a new album; there’s so many other bands coming [out with new releases] this year. Everybody pushed back [their releases]. But we will release some singles this year, so the fans will know a new album is coming soon. We have written a lot of great songs, I think, and the first one will be out in about two or three weeks — on the 19th of [August].”

The new album is expected in early 2022, and the new single is expected to be released in August. Destruction’s previous album “Born To Perish” was released in 2019.