Destrage to break up in 2024, announce final shows

Author Hernan Osuna - 1.12.2023

Italian progressive metalcore outfit Destrage has revealed their decision to disband in 2024. The band will play four final shows celebrating their 2014 record “Are You Kidding Me? No.”

The band released the following statement:

We did it for love, we did it for beauty, we did it for pure fun.

Friends, fans, family members from all around the world, you cannot imagine how difficult is for us to tell, but Destrage have decided to stop in 2024.

Years ago we made a promise to ourselves: Destrage first, and this is the main reason why we have to stop the project.

Ours has always been a mission, a need, a means to no end. Something for which we would never spare ourselves. Everything we did took 110% of our strength, our commitment, our hearts.

Destrage first and foremost also means to never lower the bar. We always told ourselves that we would never allow it, and today, with these words, we keep our promise.

Everything for Destrage.

We grew up together, played all over the world, shared the stage with some of the greatest bands in the world. We feel blessed, extremely grateful.

To us 4 italian dicks, the playing together, the van hours, the rehearsal room, the studio, the gigs and most of all your love, will never stop making us feel good. We will miss you like the air.

But life goes on, with all its complications, and in this present time the energy we can put in the project is not enough for Destrage.

Destrage first and foremost.

2024 will also be the 10th anniversary year of one of the most significant albums in our lives: “Are You Kidding Me? No.”

In order to celebrate this album and Destrage’s legacy together, we’ll play 4 last shows in 2024:
12/10/24 TOKYO Cyclone Club
13/10/24 TOKYO Cyclone Club
20/10/24 MILANO Alcatraz
(Pre-sales will start very soon)

They will be the best shows of our lives.

Meanwhile, see you all at our MANNAGGIA FALL TOUR in December!

We love you, and we always will.
With uncontaminated love,

Paolo, Mat, Fede, Ralph”