Deicide almost done with new album

Author Jad - 26.2.2022

Deicide has been having a pretty eventful 2022 so far. The band recently announced their new guitarist Taylor Nordberg, who has also notably played with The Absence and Inhuman Condition. Deicide also got added to Maryland Deathfest 2022 after Morbid Angel pulled out. Now according to an interview with Brews N Tunes, Nordberg revealed the first new Deicide album in four years is mostly finished, stating the band had most of it done before he joined, and hopefully that it would be out later this year.

They had started most of the new album before I joined, but since announcing [the full-album performance of] Legion, we’ve kind of shifted gears and we’re trying to lock that in and get a set prepped just in the event that a show pops up. But they have most of the new album prepped, and then we’re hammering out, ironing out some details with the last couple songs.

So hopefully that will be out this year. I don’t know any concrete plans on when we’re gonna start pre-production or recording or any of that. But hopefully this year. That would be awesome. But the material is sounding killer. It sounds like Deicide.”\

Taylor Nordberg, new guitarist of Deicide

In the meantime, you can check out Nordberg rehearsing with the band below: