Deep Purple: Ian Paice shares personal practice video

Author Jad - 5.1.2022

In the 17-minute video below, Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice shares some of his personal practice footage and talks about how he gets ready for recording albums:

When I was growing up, the only guy who actually used two bass drums that I knew about was the wonderful Louie Bellson, and even he had not really what you’d call mastered it. There are some wonderful young drummers around these days who’ve got the two-bass-drum thing down to an incredibly fine art. But I’ve always preferred to have to think in patterns, “Sometimes with the bass drums, it’s not where you put the note, it’s where you don’t put the note, and that makes it work.Ian Paice during a 2020 Q&A

Deep Purple‘s latest studio effort, an album of covers titled “Turning To Crime”, came out on November 26 via earMUSIC. The LP contains Deep Purple‘s take on timeless classics, including songs originally recorded by Bob DylanFleetwood MacBob SegerCream and The Yardbirds, carefully chosen by each member of the band.