Deathcore and party tunes: record-breaking Tuska 2023 came to an end: Check out the photos from day 3!

Author Juho Virinkoski - 13.7.2023

The sold out Tuska 2023 came to a close on sunday with the fantastical performance by the Swedish diabolical hard rock phenomenon, Ghost. The day started off with the best way possible with deathcore to the max, the American Lorna Shore led by Will Ramos playing for the first time ever in Finland, followed by the German metalcore sensation Electric Callboy. Next up was the Mongolian folk rock band The Hu and after that was the headliner for the final day, Ghost. In total the festival gathered a record-breaking 63 000 people, an astounding 21 000 metalheads per day. Take a look at the photos below!

Lorna Shore

Electric Callboy

The HU