Death metal band Baron reveals details on much-awaited debut

Author Benedetta Baldin - 31.1.2024

Finland is known for its quality of death metal and it should come as no surprise that the new kids on the block, Baron, on only their debut full-length, showcase astonishingly good songwriting skills and are able to execute them with aplomb. What’s even more impressive is how they’re taking the best elements of death and doom metal, not too unlike their label mates Temple of Scorn, and creating a formidable, cohesive yet dynamic sound. We’ve unveiled three songs from their album at various points, all of which can be streamed on Bandcamp AT THIS LINK

Finnish band Baron is straddling the styles of death and doom metal in a spectacular manner. In their faster, heavier moments, they seem to be a death metal band through and through but when they slow down, they showcase a wholly different dimension to their sound. They are able to do so without altering their imposing, crushing sound and the transitions in pace never seem abrupt but usually culminate into gigantic heaving and stomping parts as if a mountainous, infernal demon like the one on their artwork has decided to awaken after centuries only to mosh. It’s the same the other way around, with slower parts building up to an apocalyptic rampage, volcanic fire spewing all over for added effect, and basically all hell breaking loose. It’s only fitting that a Finnish band is tasked with this immense responsibility, with heroes from that land having already mastered both styles and passed the skills down the generations. Baron is then indeed one of the most promising new bands from that part of the world, possessing the strength as well as having the sensibilities required to make this work, with surprisingly cohesive writing and clean, powerful execution.

For fans of: DeicideRottrevoreAbhorrence, early AmorphisConvulseMorbid Angel

Line up:
Tommi Astala – Vocals, Acoustic guitar
Jerry Tamminen – Guitar, Vocals, Programming
Teemu Karell – Guitar
Toni Nisukangas – Bass
Juuso Hämäläinen (Disguised MalignanceAzatoth) – Drums

Cover art by Misha Mono

Track listing:
1. Primordial Possession 
2. Infernal Atonement 
3. At the Dawn of Damnation
4. Incinerated Evil 
5. Bound to the Funeral Pyres
6. Hands of Sin… 
7. …Swallowed by Fires Beneath

Official release date – April 26th, 2024