Dead End Finland releases the first single ‘Innocent’ from their upcoming sixth album

Author Benedetta Baldin - 20.3.2024

Finnish melodic metal band Dead End Finland released the first single ‘Innocent‘ from the upcoming sixth studio album. However, an as-yet-unnamed album will be released by Inverse Records at a later date.

WATCH “Innocent” lyric video: 

The band comments:
“Innocent” tells a sensitive story about the encounter between two people. In the song, you can also hear what Dead End Finland is basically about.The song starts with just a piano and during its duration of just under four minutes, it grows towards the end to such proportions that you rarely hear anymore in contemporary music. The hundred-track song with choirs and orchestrations is, in its epicness, Dead End Finland’s most impressive production ever. Nina Kuronen features as a guest in the song.”

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Dead End Finland is a melodic metal band from Helsinki founded in 2007. The lineup, which has remained unchanged since the beginning, has enabled the band’s sound to develop into its current rich form. Dead End Finland is difficult to place into any specific genre, and in the songs you can hear tones from classical music to death metal. During the years, the band’s style has become even more bombastic and melodic. The compositions have gained more depth and insight. The upcoming sixth album takes the band in a more modern direction, although Dead End Finland‘s recognizable sound and basic elements are still easily heard.

Mikko Virtanen – Vocals
Santtu Rosén – Guitars & Bass
Miska Rajasuo – Drums
Jarno Hänninen – Keys