Dave Mustaine discloses Megadeth’s fastest song ever

Author Flavia Andrade - 11.8.2022

Dave Mustaine reveals the fastest song that Megadeth have ever recorded, in his opinion. It is the new track “Night Stalkers“, recently released, part of “The Sick, The Dying … and the Dead!”, the band’s new album, to drop on September 2, 2022.

In a recent Guitar World interview, Mustaine revealed:

“I think that’s the fastest song we’ve ever done – 190 bpm – and it took a while to get working up to that speed.

The song just needed that frantic pace because Night Stalker is a secret helicopter division of the military. They fly missions at night and no one knows what they’re gonna do until it happens. Ice-T does some great [acting] parts in the song.”