Photo credit: Jens Nordström

Danko Jones present a new single and announce live-stream shows

Author Annija Raga - 2.8.2021

The Canadian hard rock trio Danko Jones is going to release a new album called “Power Trio”, and it’s going to see the daylight already on August 27. The musicians are now presenting a new single from the upcoming album – “Start The Show”.

The band has said the following about the “Start The Show” single:

” Ironically the last song on “Power Trio”, it is essentially Danko Jones‘ answer to Cheap Trick‘s “Hello There” – i.e., a song tailor-made to be the first song played at a Danko Jones show. It’s a reaffirmation of everything he was put on this earth to do. But in the wake of this pandemic-plagued year, the song also makes for a surprisingly poignant album closer, because it’s a reminder of all the shows that Danko didn’t get to play this past year, and a reminder of how much we’ve all missed that goosebump-inducing feeling of being in a packed club when the house lights go down, the music playing over the PA cuts out, and your favorite power trio emerges from the darkness to kick into their opening tune. And yet despite this bittersweet subtext, Start the Show is brimming with the promise that we will experience that feeling once again – and, after the black cloud of COVID clears, Danko Jones will be there ready to give it to you.”

Danko Jones

The band also announced that they will be streaming two live shows on August 28: The first one for the European audience and the second one for the North American audience. You can find more information and the tickets here.